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Which of our offices are you closest to?

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Andrew & Co Lettings

Letting your property is a big decision. You need an agent you can trust to find you a reliable tenant in the shortest possible time and you need to know that your investment will be protected while providing you with a good return.

Andrew & Co is dedicated to finding you that perfect tenant quickly and efficiently and will ensure that every potential tenant is fully referenced and credit checked before his or her application is considered.

At Andrew & Co we understand that this is your property and we understand how vital it is to make sure that both the building and your legal position are protected.

We offer a range of services, from a simple let to a fully-managed package, and we offer a competitive fee for whatever service you require. Even our fully-managed package costs just 8% plus VAT per month. We guarantee there are no hidden costs or surprises because we know that keeping the pricing straightforward allows you to budget more effectively.

Letting plays an important part in the current housing market and can provide you with a reliable, regular income stream. At Andrew & Co we know how to maximise that income stream while protecting your interests and dealing professionally with the detail.

Whether you are looking to let for the first time or are thinking that you should be getting a better service from your existing agents, sit down and talk to us about what we can offer. Your property is a valuable asset ask the experts at Andrew & Co to make the most of it for you.

Here are a few things to bare in mind:

  • Mortgage provider – You must obtain permission from your Mortgage provider to let your property. If you do not do this you
    may be in breach of the conditions of your Mortgage which could have serious consequences.
  • Leaseholders – You must check with the freeholder or the Management Company as you may need consent to let.
  • Inform insurers – You must ensure that your buildings insurance covers you for rented property. If unsure you should notify your
    insurance company of your intention to let.
  • Furnished or Unfurnished – Decide whether you are to let your property unfurnished or furnished (refer to us for the pros and
    cons and to get full advice on what is best for your property).
  • EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) – Since 1st October 2008 EU legislation requires that an EPC is available at the point
    of marketing. They are valid for 10 years
  • Gas Safety Certificate – It is a legal requirement that all rented properties have a valid gas safety certificate. These must be
    carried out annually by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.
  • Electrical Certificate – Current legislation relating to The Landlord and Tenants Act 1985, which requires that the electrical
    installation in a rented property is safe when the tenancy begins and – maintained in a safe condition throughout the tenancy.
    The frequency of periodic inspection and testing will depend upon the type of installation, its use and operation, the frequency and
    quality of maintenance and the condition of the electrical installation at the time of the inspection test.
  • PAT (Portable Appliance Test) Certificate – Any portable appliance provided must be tested to ensure that it is safe to use.
    This is carried our annually.
  •  Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) – An HMO is classed as any dwelling where there are three or more tenants sharing
    who are not related. Councils have introduced licensing for all HMO’s. Please refer to us and we can advise you further on your
  • Tax and Overseas Landlords – If you live abroad there are tax obligations which the letting Agent has to comply with. Andrew &
    Co. will assist with the necessary form filling to ensure compliance with the legislation.
  • Tenants Deposits – All tenants deposits have, by law, to be protected in a govt. approved