Top Selling Tips

Our Top Tips For Presenting Your Home

First Impressions

  • You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Stand at the entrance to your property, check the driveway is swept, de-weeded & that the bins are hidden.
  • See that boundary fences/gates are fixed & freely opening. Leave the driveway clear for the viewer to park, this adds to the experience confirming the convenience of your property.
  • Does the front door need a lick of paint? It’s also worth brushing away any dirt or cobwebs and making sure the doorbell or knocker is working.

Internal Ideas

  • Start by banishing any floating cobwebs around the ceilings, walls & light fittings. It’s the details we don’t look at in our own homes that viewers are the first to pick up on.
  • It’s worth a basic spring clean to each room before marketing, you will appreciate it when you’re running late and don’t have the time to flick a duster round before a viewing.
  • Make sure all light bulbs are working; where possible replace low energy bulbs with bright bulbs. Low energy bulbs may give a dull light which can often leave a room feeling lifeless.
  • Strategically place flowers on the dining table or in the entrance hall.
  • If you have doors guilty of creaking give the hinges a spray of WD40.
  • An entrance hall should be inviting, it is imperative not to clutter the space with coats & shoes, make sure these are hidden before each viewing.
  • Use a plug-in air freshener on the lowest setting to create a welcoming aroma.
  • Try to avoid anything un-necessary on the kitchen counter & give a wipe over before any viewings.
  • All televisions, radios, dishwashers etc should be off during viewings; nothing should cloud the atmosphere, viewers often wish to communicate discretely, which can be difficult with other noise present.
  • We all use shampoos, shower gels and creams in the bathroom, but to potential buyers it is just clutter. Put them in the airing cupboard before each viewing. If someone has recently showered, just open the window slightly to let in a bit of fresh air.
  • If your bedroom is currently being used as an office or storage room, it is worth re-dressing it as a bedroom (especially if it’s on the small side) as some people simply can’t see past what is there
  • When it comes to furniture, some re-arrangement may be in order. Avoid obstructing the doors; it immediately makes a room feel smaller if you have to side step furniture to get into a room. The best way to convey space inside is to push the furniture against the walls and into the corners of the room.

Curtains and Carpets

  • Curtains and carpets deserve their own attention because they can make such a difference to your property. Now is the time to get the carpets shampooed and the curtains dry cleaned.
  • In an ideal world, light coloured curtains should be hung at the windows; dark curtains and those with the pelmets can often make a room seem smaller and restrict the light.
  • Take a look at the carpet in the hallway and up the stairs; it’s often these areas that are affected by wear and tear the most. Sometimes it’s worth laying some affordable neutral coloured carpet if yours has been badly worn by foot traffic. It may present a cost but it is worth it!

Practical Pointers

  • Pets are loved members of the family, but not everyone is a pet lover. For some viewers, the thought of animals is a huge turn off, so hide away any litter trays, bowls, bedding and toys. Ideally all pets should be out of the house during viewings, windows opened slightly and plug-in air fresheners should be used in every room to conceal any lingering scent indicating animals.
  • Try not to leave drying laundry laying visible about the house as it can distract viewers from more important features.
  • Keeping children’s toys out of sight can be difficult, but it is a necessity. It is important everything is tucked away into cupboards or wardrobes.

Organisation Outdoors:

  • The garden is a big feature to potential buyers. If it’s possible, keep the grass mown and hedges trim to allow the viewer to mentally picture their own use of the space.
  • Overgrown bushes can be off putting to some; it then becomes a garden needing to be ‘tackled’. Cutting back thick hedges will optimise the look of your outside space.

Top Selling Tips

Our top tips for presenting your home for sale.

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